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Wedding Dress Inspiration

We did this shoot in 2019 and when me and Phiney got chatting again about an idea (we have worked together before, I should really blog about that one soon) I was so excited because as you can see these dresses and separates are absolutely gorgeous. Phiney runs Poppy Perspective by the sea in a studio. This is actually where these were taken. First thing I thought was WOW!!! that window. When you see the dresses all you can think is I WANT TO TRY ON ALL OF THESE!!!

On the shoot Karlie was doing hair which from what you can see was beautiful (sorry if I use this word too much). It was full princess hair. It was great to see Karlie work her magic. Emilie was the MUA and created the most loveliest look. I really wanted my make up by Emilie after this.

I cannot forget the most amazing Aalin as our model, I do not really need to say much......

If you are need of boho wedding dress Phiney is the person you need to see.


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